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Clip one, Clip two, and we’re out…

By know it’s not even news to say that images are recycled… Heck, I’d probably do that too if I were in charge of a daily…  and I won’t waste my time and energy looking for exact matches, but trust me kids, they are out there…


So with Mark heading back to Lost Forest early, Cherry will have to send her boyfriend (I’m sure she has one, right?) packing… OK maybe not… but still, I can do without all the hugging, nose-touching and other forms of honey-cafuddling that are sure to ensue upon his return.  Remember, gang, he’s been gone a day…  and the more likely response would be, “Hey, what are you doing home?  Would it have killed you to call me, especially after the FBI called here to report that you once again got your sorry ass in a bind?”

Well, at least the Eagle came to its senses and found a dead (cat)fish to pick off the lake surface to feed the hungry eaglets…  Much as we want to believe otherwise, Bald Eagles are for the most part scavengers, not the fearsome and aggressive hunters we have in mind…  They recycle Nature’s offerings and even Man’s cast-offs…

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