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Poor Sarita…

She suffers from what is known as RBF… Resting-Bitch-Face.  Even as Mark flashes his Pepsodent Smile in the third panel, I bet she’s still glowering at him…


But seriously?! Ahn-Chee-LA-Thas?  Because her name ees Sarr-REE-Ta?  And Mark that’s a super lame joke… When have Prairie Dogs ever been on the menu?  Unless you are a Black-footed Ferret, which is what drew you out to South Dakota in the first place!  OK, I think we are done here… can we leave now?

One thought on “Poor Sarita…

  1. When I read the first panel, I thought it was Cherry speaking and we had abruptly jumped to Lost Forest. The second panel reveals it is Not-Cherry and there would be no flapjacks today, though Mark could put maple syrup on his enchiladas just to feel closer to home. Aren’t pigs-in-a-blanket just breakfast enchiladas?

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