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See James Draw…

Draw, James, draw!


Because that’s about all we have going for us these days…  Mr. Allen’s ability to create reasonable representations of animals in action…  Manufactured suspense, lack of continuity and bad punchlines fill out the rest of the program.

How did Marlin get back?  What of his totaled Jeep?  Where is Jim and his pointed stick? And where on earth did the Wardens get that Hippo collar and chain?  And what’s it attached to?  That Hippo would only have to give a small shrug, and whatever is mooring that  would come apart!  We only have to go back to Africa and the Rhino Horn Caper to see this Hippo’s cousin, whom (which?) Mark dispatches with… wait for it… a flaming log!  But what about Dirty Dyer… Where is he?!

2 thoughts on “See James Draw…

  1. as noted before, I think DD is behind all this. Anyway, to get back to one of your original points: What the heck is a circus doing with animals such as (multiple) ostriches, a rhino, and a hippo? Apparently, the hippo, at least, performs a circus trick. Do the ostriches play soccer in the center ring? Maybe the rhino is used to give rides to Real Men who want to impress their wives and girlfriends. Or vice-versa.

  2. George: I’m not following . . . vice-versa would be who riding whom to impress whom?

    And would any of those permutations really impress a rhino? 😉

    The other niggling mystery to me is just what was the deal with Dicky the Stick? Just how did he work his magic in Jim’s(?) hands to succeed in flushing the rhino from the thicket in the first place?

    But I’m right with you on DD’s being behind it all. Especially the drunken clown escapade!

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