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Great Scoop, Campers!

Yesterday we learned that the other Mister Smith has a familiar name…

From Moss Moses:

Manuel Blanco Romasanta is Spain’s first documented serial killer. In 1853 Romasanta admitted to thirteen murders, claiming he was not responsible as he was suffering from a curse that turned him into a wolf. Wikipedia
Born: November 18, 1809, Province of Ourense, Spain
Died: December 14, 1863, Ceuta, Spain

From Bryant, Esq.:

I detect unplumbed depths in our Mr. Allen, based upon his sly reference to the unnatural amidst his detailed depiction of the natural.

Your reference to Dirty, like the pelican (definitely not a heron), having bitten off more than he could chew is even more perspicacious than might be evident. Romasanta, a/k/a the Wolf of Allariz a/k/a the Tallow Man, confessed at his trial to a spot of cannibalism in addition to making candles of the fat of his victims, pleading not guilty because he had been cursed and committed his murders of various salesmen, officers and customers only during his intermittent involuntary transformations into a werewolf.


So now that we know that the other Mr. Smith is either a demon or a time-traveler, or is taking inspiration from the past, the plot both confuses and gels simultaneously…


And as the increasingly bulked-up Dirty “Call me Mr. Smith” Dyer orders another round from the taciturn Semo, along with multiple platters, all charged to yet another unknown character, is he still looking to impress, planning to entertain, or simply gorge himself?


4 thoughts on “Great Scoop, Campers!

  1. Nearly a direct quote from Fletch. See Movieclips Fletch- Can I borrow your towel?
    James Allen is all over the place.

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