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Well isn’t that precious!

A return to all that is good in the world!  White folks going on Spring Break!  And Why aren’t they dressed up?  Why are they still in their work-a-day cabin apparel?  Where’s your suit and tie, Mark?


Mark sounds almost surprised to have stumbled upon their departure gate, and Rusty is agog over the scale of the operation…  Mark and Cherry really need to let that lad out of his cage more often…  But is Rusty being sincere or attempting a joke in the second panel?  Difficult to tell!!  Nevertheless, Mark offers a genuine grin at his naive comment…

Question is now how do they run into Dirty??  Or vice versa?  Sure they are in the same hemisphere now, but still worlds apart… a seismic (literally) shift in the Earth’s plates will bring the Caribbean in contact with Central America?  Only in the Trailverse…

2 thoughts on “Well isn’t that precious!

  1. I share your comments, Dennis, and your perplexity. As usual, Allen feels it is necessary to inscribe “Airlines” on the wall glass of the terminal – even though it is clearly on the INSIDE of the terminal. Does he think the people in the Trailverse are that dumb, or is he thumbing his nose at the readers?

    And what’s with developmentally-challenged Rusty’s put-down of Mexico? Going to THAT country doesn’t rate using a first-class airport? Only countries like Germany or Sweden rate big airports, I presume? Since Rusty clearly has little idea what an airport is for (including the one in his own city), it seems presumptuous for him to even offer a comparative criticism of its size.

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