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Back to Panning, in more than one way…

Hey there Campers!  We’re back to pick up our story…  It’s been a few days, and it appears that we haven’t made it terribly far…


Yea, and Ol’ JJ is also an expert in separating people with gold fever from their money…  it was said that very few prospectors actually made a go of it, but the outfitters made out like bandits!


…which explains how JJ can afford this lovely six-wheeled conveyance- it ain’t from panning gold, let me tell you!  Foothills of what, may I ask?


Now to add a little authenticity to his schpeel, JJ uses a technical term- arroyo- to describe the gully/gulch they find themselves in… and Mark appears to (finally) be amused…


Oh, now you gone and done it, Doc…


…and apparently Mark has been hiding all his gear up his arse, including a full tripod…  I guess he wants to get in on the picture as well…  While disney inspired sound effects from the underworld emit their low growl…

2 thoughts on “Back to Panning, in more than one way…

  1. Why the fudge are they panning for gold? They left Lost Forest looking for an old mine, not an old stream bed. Perhaps they will find some glowing uranium to carry into the mine as an implausible light source?

  2. I agree: this entire sub-plot makes no sense at all. I suspect a plot to separate this trio of rubes from all of the valuables by the “guide’s” confederates, hidden in the cave.

    By the way, Doc’s assessment of the pictographs seems spot on: they look like quotations of actual pictographs, but composed in a decidedly “European/Modern” manner. Clearly, this is an established setup, but for what purpose other than criminal?

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