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Oh, Mark… Chivalry is not dead…

Bring on Nature!  A herd of Javelinas!


Mark was correct in having everyone take to high ground…  lifting the young and defenseless lass onto the rocks and leaving the old and spry Doc to his own devices…

According to the Wiki, these are also known as Peccary and Skunk Pigs…

By rubbing the tusks together, they can make a chattering noise that warns potential predators to stay away. In recent years in northwestern Bolivia near Madidi National Park, large groups of peccaries have been reported to have seriously injured or killed people.[10]

I guess the CLUKCLAKCLUKCLUKCLUK is the Aforementioned chattering noise…


One thought on “Oh, Mark… Chivalry is not dead…

  1. The 6 wheeled conveyance appears to be the 2015 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 channeled by Mr. Allen from a cheesy Michael Douglas movie “Beyond the Reach”. It was the star of the movie really, the original production run was 100 vehicles, long sold out, anywhere from $500,000.00 to 975,000.00 depending upon of course, options. Now if you could find one they would fetch up to $1.69 million. JJ must have gotten in on the original buy. Or does he have another unscrupulous means of income?
    Oh by the way, Doc has had this free loading adventurer under his roof for decades, why didn’t the old fool regale Trail with this preposterous tale earlier when Doc could have dragged Old Amos along?

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