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More wildlife than a zoo!

One thing that struck over the last few days, other than the glacial pace of the story, was the introduction of old-school Trail “wildlife” in every strip.   That was a reliable feature of the Dodd/Elrod era.  We seem to be returning to that as we join our characters in mid conversation:


That’s right, Mr. “I know everything about gold and panning for it… that’s why I keep working my little shop- it’s really just a side-hustle to conceal the fact that I have a fortune in Gold stored in the basement!”  YES- WE HAVE A MAP!


Doc, sincerity drips from your craggy face!  How could anyone doubt you??


JJ is keeping his poker face on… but deep down he has a little tingle running up his leg…  I mean, how could he not??

One thought on “More wildlife than a zoo!

  1. “…deep down he has a little tingle running up his leg…” maybe that tingle running up (or is it down) JJ’s leg is more fundamental and biological, given Leona’s charms and apparent fascination with JJ, as well as her willingness to divulge information that should, by all rights, be confidential.

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