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Trusting, aren’t we??

With map in hand, Ol’ JJ has no use for his clients any more…  why, he could just dispatch them and put us all out of our misery…


Odd, but real…


But let’s soldier on, campers.  There is sure to be a mesa-load of manufactured tension right around the corner…

2 thoughts on “Trusting, aren’t we??

  1. The treasure map does not seem to be of much use. Where are they supposed to start looking in the twisted rock area?? Somewhere in the Chiricahua Mountains is not an actionable clue. God help us if we are relying upon Doc’s memory for details from seven decades past. Will this story arc end before Christmas?

  2. JJ must be independently wealthy if he can shut his store on a whim, just to take some city rubes into the desert. On the other hand, perhaps he’s charging them an arm and a leg.

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