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There’s that ‘HA HAW’ again…

OK, we’re back… with Dr. Camel Schooling Mark on the Internet, Social Media and the banal nature of “ordinary” people’s lives…


OK, what is that thing, now flying on their starboard side?  Why it’s the Great/ Giant Hornbill!  Brilliant!


But back to the story…


Mark, it seems, does not agree with Dr. Camel’s assessment, despite his own run-ins with humanity.  The people Mark deals with are generally active and nefarious creatures, looking to scam someone or something…


Hey!  Wait a minute!  I just got back from the beach…  The Florida Gulf Coast to be exact, where we paddled amongst the Alligators, Manatees and Anhinga!  Let’s hope the Greater One-Horned Rhino, waiting around the bend, gives them a little excitement!


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