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Wow! Quick Pivot!

Just as we are focusing on the Hollywoods, a Bighorn Sheep takes front stage…  Not unusual, except for the fact that the state of Georgia, the location of Lost Forest, remember, is not exactly in the species’ natural range…


…only to have it sacrificed on the alter of the favorite story type for Trailians everywhere!  Poaching!


Oh my!  Bighorn down!  And who is this guy?  Clearly up to no good!  He’s not even very good at picking assistants with henchman-like names- “Digby!”  Ha!


Although he does look like a Digby…  And thanks Bald Guy in Charge for establishing that you are breaking the law!!  We’d certainly be lost without that data point…  Is that a hacksaw in hand?  Is that still the preferred method of de-horning a Bighorn?


One thought on “Wow! Quick Pivot!

  1. “Be sure to get the horns.” Really? Digby, the guy with the saw, needs a reminder why they are out there, illegally shooting bighorn sheep? Well, maybe it was just a pecking-order reminder that Boss Hogg is not going to soil his hands with scut work.

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