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Who dat? (Part 2)

… and where are they?  Some random Ballroom at a Downtown Marriott?


Once again (and I sense that we have another Allen-replacement tryout in the making…) Mark doesn’t even look like himself!!


…until he does again.  Clip art?  But, ummm… Mark didn’t write the film…  As we (or Joe Soucheray) would say, “Reporting isn’t what it used to be…”


3 thoughts on “Who dat? (Part 2)

  1. He wrote the movie? When? How much time has elapsed since the (sadly undocumented) meeting in the limo in Lost Forest?

  2. Yeah, this is like catching the 3rd episode in the season after watching the pilot. Wha’ happened in between? Last we saw, the Holleywood couple were driving their limo down a forest road on the way, presumable, to the Cherry and Doc’s cabin. Now, as Dennis points out, Mark is suddenly suited up and in some kind of press conference.

    First of all, why would Trail get into a business suit to meet somebody? That seem really out–of-character. Second, where is this? Not that extra log cabin we see in bird’s-eye views of Lost Forest, I’m sure.

    The only constant I see here is Mark once again leaving his family behind so he can enjoy the spotlight all to himself.

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