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Forced Idle Chatter…

And suddenly we find ourselves out in the Parking lot…


What difference does that make, Cherry?  Boy, you are nosy!


A local hotel?  By the look on his face, Action Boy ain’t buyin’ it!  I guess one can’t be too careful what with the paparazzi and stalkers about!  To bad you are in that ridiculous stretch limousine.  That doesn’t draw attention at all!

Lunch?  Luncheon?  How exceedingly proper… no chance of anyone getting drunk and rowdy or overstaying their welcome!

Rusty show you around?!  Really?  I suppose he spends more time there than anyone except Doc, speaking of whom, where is the old codger?  He seems to have been strategically left out of this story line so far…


2 thoughts on “Forced Idle Chatter…

  1. Now, do you know if Allen or his staff is actually doing the colors? Dailies (in print, anyway) are not usually in color. So, I am just wondering, since we have often commented on the color of various items, such as Cherry’s highlights. In fact, one thing I noticed was that Mark seemed to be wearing a brown suit; but in the second panel of the bottom strip, his suit suddenly took on the color of Action Boy’s suit! Maybe Trail is feeling the vibe.

  2. You know, one thing I’ll give credit for here is there seems to be a more concerted effort at more sophisticated, or at least animated, poses and juxtapositions. “Action Boy” and “Producer Girl” in the last panel of the first strip might be a bit awkward, but are still shown in more complex, animated poses; at least, compared to the more wooden (pun?) high-school prom poses of Mark and Cherry.

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