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Moving right along…

We are skipping through the space-time continuum in a way that is almost jarring…  A suggested lunch apparently is served and unappreciated, only to leave the hosts disappointed in the guest’s bad behavior…


I honestly don’t remember Lost Forest being a lake-front property, but hey, why not…  If there’s a lake, why not build right up next to it.  So does this mean that Rusty is taking Cartwright on the “Grand Tour” of the grounds?  I am sure that’s going well…  And where in the name of All That’s Good is Doc?  Has he been slaughtered, hooked and smoked?  At a retired Vet’s convention?  Haven’t seen his craggy face in a long time!


2 thoughts on “Moving right along…

  1. They probably keep Doc hidden away in one of the smaller buildings most of the time. But, I was also surprised at the jarring jump in time here. I had to look in the newspaper to see if I accidentally missed a day. Actually, I would have thought “Allen” would be able to get several days’ worth of strips out of that lunch. As you know, strips are drawn many weeks in advance of publication. Perhaps Allen, anticipating his retirement, decided to shorten his last story and push it through faster than normal.

    But a really interesting question is whether Mark will visit the movie set, perhaps as a technical advisor. If Allen was not retiring, I could see that story arc playing out over an extended period. Could even be interesting! Dirty Dyer could infiltrate the movie as an “extra” or as part of the production crew. Just think of the suspense and action!

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