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More Smiling Animals…

In an attempt to say, “See? Jack Elrod was prone to these insipid storylines, too,” we are treated to days of, well, insipidness.


But in typical fashion, Rusty is about to be forsaken!!  HA!


One thing I never understood about the way Andy has been rendered through the years is his tongue… It’s always sticking out!  Does that somehow make the dog less fearsome?


Apparently it works.  And what do you know?  Andy apparently has been to and passed “Mother Cat 101” at the local community college, otherwise how would he know that he could pick up the little thing by the skin of her neck??  But wait, who is this??


Cherry?  Oh, my goodness!  I have never seen you with this hair-do!  This really does date things a bit.  Also, another clue is the single name “Jack Elrod.”  I we were gong back further in time, then the credit would be “Dodd and Elrod.”  This puts this story sometime after 1978, when Elrod took full control of the strip.


3 thoughts on “More Smiling Animals…

  1. Shame on the two of you. Your comments are actually much worse—and not as funny— than the ancient but very sweet strip. The world needs a little more of that and a little less snark by people who didn’t have the talent or patience to create strips of their own.

  2. Speaking of children, Andy was supposed to meet Rusty at the bus stop. Since slobber-mutt got distracted by the cat, will we now have a mini-crisis where Rusty gets lost or goes searching for Andy through Lost Forest? Oh well, how long will this variant on the lost-and-found story last?

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