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Still can’t get over Cherry’s hair…

…if in fact this is Cherry.  She looks like she could be in high school.  Another thing occurs to me… if these are daily strips taken from the 70’s were they colored at the time?  Or are we taking old dailies and running them through the color mill?  Sort of like the Netflix documentary “WWII in Color.”


But back to the story… Cherry has a great idea for a name!


Oh, Mark, always so agreeable!  Andy looks very happy to have a new responsibility!  But where’s Rusty?  Cherry has had time to (I’m guessing) phone the one or two neighbors that flank Lost Forest, but no time to wonder where in the heck Rusty is.  Remember, Andy was going to meet Rusty at the bus stop when he was distracted by the cat… Seems we have ALL forgotten about the lad…


6 thoughts on “Still can’t get over Cherry’s hair…

  1. 1. Maybe Cherry “grew up” in the strip. 🙂
    2. “Tabby”. What an original name for a cat. Cherry sure has some imagination!
    3. Anyway, when the heck was this place ever a farm? I presume not a crop farm. Well, it’s the first time I noticed chickens. Is that all they raise here?

  2. They almost certainly weren’t colored at the time; I’m not aware of any strip coloring dailies before the mid-80s and it didn’t become a regular thing until the 2000s.

    I know they recolor the Popeye strips when those dailies are rerun. Caught them changing the color of some guest alien critter when they repeated a story. Why they don’t just re-run the color version from last time is a great mystery.

  3. Cherry is a terrible pet owner, sending the (surely traumatized) lost cat off to “explore” unfamiliar territory with a gigantic enthusiastic dog, and not even a snack or some water or a little me-time.

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