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Some things don’t change…

…like having only a minor sense of dread over Andy’s well-being. He’s a principal (or is it principle?) character, so it’s not like he isn’t going to survive this scrape.

It looks like Andy gets his licks in, but ultimately the wild dogs have bigger fish to fry. Besides, St. Bernard probably doesn’t suit their palate…

“Attackers retreat?” Interesting phrasing there… I think they just got bored. Need to find a new challenge, a new opportunity to terrorize the countryside… Besides, what does one do with wild dogs other than shoot them? It’s not like there is a canine reform school where they’d go to try to turn their lives around…

Tabby, Andy rues the day you walked into his life. Now he doesn’t just smell, he’s wounded and in need of help! What good are you?


5 thoughts on “Some things don’t change…

    • Ha! Maybe I had a lapse too in the past. It seems we will follow Andy for awhile. I think that’s better than 3 months in a cave for the story line to wrap up. If we are going vintage here I’d like to see Mark with his pipe again! Bring on Elrod! Campfires & flapjacks darn it

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