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This is the one! The story that started it all…

…for me at least. This is terribly ironic. In the comments a few days ago I told of how I got “Hooked on Trail.” It was a story line about how Andy got himself caught in a deer trap…

…and well, what do you know…

…there it is! This is so interesting! It seemed (in 1980 or so) that it took for-ever for Andy to get out. Let’s see how well this story holds up (drags out) 40 years later! And what of the little dates in the strips? They are tracking with the current month. Did they go back to find a story that would do that without having to replace the dates?

Guess what, Campers, the year is 1981! This calendar synchs with 2020!


4 thoughts on “This is the one! The story that started it all…

  1. Great catch on those dates, Dennis! I figured they just pasted over the original date and put in the “current” dates. Didn’t think the Syndicate would care about such nuance, but perhaps you are right.

    Yep, those calendars do have cycles where they resynch with older ones, but I’d have to look up what the cycle(s) are. I remember having a MAD Magazine calendar I bought when I was a kid, where they made a point of saying I could use it again in X number of years. I think it was set up where you could write in the year. What a great “magazine” it used to be, back in the day.

  2. Well, I don’t mind stepping back in time. With all the B.S. going on now a simpler time seems welcome. I’ve actually been watching a few episodes of Andy Griffith Show. Barney & Aunt Bee. God I’m an old fart. I think those of us who follow Mark Trail yearn for that. Just my opinion.

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