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It is his Daddy…

The Gator in panel one seems to be having a good ol’ time…

I suppose there’s no bag limit on invasive species… Like Burmese Python. I like how the Sunday strip supports the over all story line. I have to admit I had no idea that this was an issue in Florida! Living in the Great North (not the Midwest) invasive species involve things like Buckthorn, Emerald Ash Borer or Zebra Mussels.

Ah yes. The nod to 2020. The year that will live in infamy for so many reasons. “Lil’ Marky Trail…” Yes, by George, you are correct, apparently we have to tear Mark down in order to build him back up. Reminds me (dare I say it) of the “Lil’ Marco” encounter from the 2015 Presidential debates. Yuk.


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