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“Oh, my aching past…!”

I am filled with questions: Mark gets picked up at LAX, then driven out by East Malibu to spend the night; then driven all the way back across LA to Palm Springs to film a video. Couldn’t they have just checked into a nearby hotel? Well, if they did that, I reckon we’d have missed the novelty of the reptile house and its weird inhabitants. Oh, and the reptiles, too.

We were already forewarned on this blog, and it seems Mark really is doomed to keep getting dragged back into his colorful past. In this case, it is some dude (possibly the investor known as “Cricket Bro”), whose right leg seems attached to his body in a way that is not typical (unless you are a cricket, perhaps). How long ago can this guy have known Mark, as he seems to be a good ten to fifteen years younger. Maybe Mark was his babysitter back in Florida. I’m sure we’ll eventually find out, though this story is getting more and more jagged as it jumps along. Mark does not look happy.

What do you all think? Is that dude just well preserved? How could he have known “Marky” as a young kid? Is he going to prove to be a real pain in the . . . neck? – gka


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