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Right back atcha, buddy!

Talk about a small world…! And quite the wind farm in the background. Unlike Dennis, I have not had the experience of being adjacent to, or working on, a wind farm, so I cannot testify to the overall sound level. The issue is fairly politicized, though with proper maintenance, it does not appear to be the significant problem detractors often claim. However, their proximity here indicates the sound will be a contributing factor to the video.

As we now see the production crew setting up, Mark one-ups his grade school friend with a clever comeback. So Mark had to suffer the indignity of an actual nickname? Perish Forbid! Unfortunately, with my own name—George—I never attained the high status of having a nickname <Sniff!>. Not even my own detractors found “Georgie” worth pursuing. Nevertheless, Rob Bettancourt must have been an annoying kid back then.

Rivera’s different drawing style certainly deviates from the original Dodd/Elrod/Allen tradition; but it suits the new narration, I think. Imagine how the dialog would work in the traditional “Mark Trail” style:

Anyway, will Cricket Bro accept Mark’s bitch slap or attempt to brush it off with feigned laughter? – gka


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