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Setting the stage…

I’m glad readers enjoyed the old strip/new dialog mashup in yesterday’s blog. It was fun to create, but sure took more time than I figured. Just finding a compatible old strip was my biggest chore! Anyway, let’s move on to today’s exciting installment…

The strip today is not merely a time-and-space killer to pad out a storyline, as we have often seen in previous Trailverse adventures. Instead, it introduces what will certainly turn out to be the more important plot device of the current story.

So Rob Bettancourt is simply here to see how his money is getting spent, eh? As for his company’s name, what does Brotein actually mean? And just what kind of “huge gains” has his company made?  Perhaps the protein supplement allows people to make “powerful leaps in a single bound” or develop a tendency to chirp at night. The mind fairly hops with suggestions! But it also hints at some kind of nefarious mutation of Nature, which Mark will certainly have to remedy. I’m ready to jump past the video shoot and head straight to the villa! Aren’t you? Okay, that’s all I’ve got. -gka


2 thoughts on “Setting the stage…

  1. Potential eco-story arc! “Brotine” is crushed up crickets! Bettancourt is destroying a whole ecosystem for his own corporate greed! Birds eat crickets – no crickets, no birds! Talk about a a 21 Century “Silent Spring!”

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