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Let’s you and him fight!

In the old Mission Impossible TV series, Willy, the “strongman” of the team, had to act as a diversion and keep a professional Judo champion as well as the “bad guy of the week” busy for several minutes while the team could put their plan into action. Willy was strong, but not well-trained in Judo. Nevertheless, he managed to last long enough. Mark’s plan is to act as a diversion for Aparna and ReptMan; however, it is clear that he was not expecting to go at least seven rounds with one of the kooks.

Still, if Mark ever needed an opportunity and excuse to bring out his so-called fists of justice, this is it! So we know Mark is capable, but Killer Bee (is this really Professor Bee Sharp?) is a dark horse. Is he a Golden Gloves graduate or just a goofball (I’m making that suggestion, based on his fighting attire)? I’m also assuming that even though this is just supposed to be a commercial video where everybody play-acts, I’m assuming that Killer Bee and Cricket Bro intend to wipe the ring with Mark in their infantile need for revenge and humiliation. Who is conning whom?

All in all, the art is good, with a nice variety of viewing angles across the panels. The “absurdist element” of this story is certainly all over the place. But the smart money is on Trail. He’ll take a hit and keep on hitting. But can he keep the gag going for long enough to matter? I’m starting to miss Cherry and her fight with the Sunny Soleil Society.


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