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Cue the “Duelling Banjos” music

Well, I’m going to be driving through the mountains myself in a few days! And I can relate to Cherry’s consternation over missing road signs, too. I once got lost in a section of southwestern Wisconsin, with its identical rolling hills and valleys and meandering roads without street signs. Every hill seemed to have either a farm or a church with a shade tree. It was night, it was starting to snow, and I was on a honeymoon trip with my wife, looking for our B&B. We wound up driving 5 mph behind an Amish wagon for a mile or so, until it pulled into a farm. But I digress. . . .

Anyway, a pun-filled adventure for Cherry continues as she climbs further into “feral” territory in search for…what? Or whom? What secret weapon would be available up here for Cherry to employ against the Sunny Soleil Society?

Traveling into backwoods country, let’s hope that Cherry does not run into any hostile mountain men, like the Atlanta “city boys” in Deliverance; or a county mounty who could pull her over for holding her smartphone while driving! Put that phone in a caddy, Cherry! Anyway, as she is using a smartphone, who cares if there are road signs, when you can just turn where and when your mapping program tells you to. Unless the phone is suddenly out of range.

Well, Cherry has apparently dropped her phone as she panic-stopped in front of that wild boar. Will she discover that the phone has broken when it was dropped, leaving her really lost without it or any road signs?


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