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Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Okay, not the most creative title, but it’s late and I’m tired. Anyway, I appreciate getting informed about two Pokémon references Rivera placed in recent strips. This shows to me that Rivera is certainly trying to catch the attention of younger readers, as her drawing style also suggests.

It’s nice to get away from Crazy Town for a week and return to a more relaxed, crisis-free scene where Cherry is working on her Home Association problem? Rusty is confessing to being extremely careless with his snacks. At least, Cherry is checking in with Rusty from the comfort of her own command chair, while drinking out of her “cherry” mug. Cute pun. We can probably excuse Dirk adding extraneous characters in his “cyu soon” text, but I suppose he was just making sure to be understood. That could be relevant, since Cherry clearly did not wait to drive back with her brother, Dirk.

I was initially shocked to see Andy in panel 2, looking really, really big, even for a St. Bernard. Or perhaps Rusty is smaller than he previously seemed to be. Maybe it’s just the artistic needs of the composition. Still, Rivera did give us a minni-Sunday nature talk on the Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig, and it isn’t even Sunday! So why is Cherry surprised by Dirk’s message? She did, after all, invite him to come and help out. Presumably “the point” mentioned is the small bit of land jutting into the lake where her cabin sits.

Well, will we have a week of Cherry and Dirk sitting around and going over options in a similar way Mark did with the Herp Hacienda crowd? Or are we going to quickly move to action? And will it wake up the apparently always-sleeping Doc Davis?

And is Dirk really bringing his hogs to town, or is he actually a crackerjack lawyer, set to bury the Sunny Soleil Society in a mound of legal documents and court hearings?

But how about that squirrel, folks?! It is a squirrel, right? Help me out, because I sucked wind in my college Biology class!


2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

  1. I would say it’s a red squirrel but I Goggled it just the same and there is a similar looking one called a Fox Squirrel! Would Rivera draw a run of the mill grey squirrel squared in the road? Apparently, Albino and Black squirrels are a thing.

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