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Cue the dramatic organ music

Say, wasn’t the prior job of that woman in panel 4 the researcher on “Criminal Minds”?

Well, it looks like Cliff’s warning is not so far off the mark, after all. Poor Mark:  He has moved on from being “Mr. Obvious” (thank goodness) to “Mr. Oblivious” (uh-oh!)

Not only did Mark not appear to identify zebra mussels correctly on the cargo ship, he seems to have failed to identify Cliff’s boat as “the rescue boat”. Mark even failed to ask how Cliff just happened to be passing by. Now, he failed to grasp the fact that his own boat’s registration can identify him, a concept understood by the apparently nefarious Duck Duck Goose company, in their San Francisco-style Victorian.

Still, Cliff did not identify his boat to Mark as “the rescue boat”. Why is he keeping Mark in the dark? Finally, why did “Criminal Minds Gal” identify only Mark’s boat? Mystery abounds!


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