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Another reason to be popular on BikBok

Well, will we ever hear the end of “…who has won many conservation awards” every time somebody introduces Mark’s name? At first, it seemed like this “Mr. Chedderson” actually knew of Mark Trail, the way he loudly exclaimed his name in panel 1. It is cleverly written in the former official “Mark Trail” font (which I don’t have). But by panel 2 Chedderson doesn’t know Mark. It must be some kind of visceral reaction in people when they hear Mark’s name. It causes them to repeat it back in a loud voice, like the announcer on “Let’s Make a Deal” who exhorts contestants to “COME ON DOWWWWN!

This is starting to be fun comic strip melodrama. It certainly seems like those two people are weighing the pros and cons of how to get rid of Mr. Nuisance and his spy boat; and Mark’s lack of online presence appears to be a major criterion. All for zebra mussels?!

Or is the Duck Duck Goose Company actually oblivious (there is that word again!) to them and more concerned that Mark might find out something about their company’s illicit (pick one: human trafficking/fentanyl/rare animal/counterfeit Pokémon cards) smuggling operation?


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