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Planet of the Lost Cakes

“Cakes”: That’s pancakes to the rest of you! So, Diana is now staying in a B&B? In the September 1 strip (check our archives), Mark drops Diana off at some “log cabin”-like hotel with fancy glass doors. Unless the back of that building has a different architectural style, it sure doesn’t match this place. Okay, maybe she moved. Like taking potty breaks, it’s not that important to the story. Perhaps.

I’m not sure what’s with Diana’s imperialistic attitude, but I suppose it fits her personality. We can assume this is the day after Mark abandoned Diana while she was still in his own boat. It appears that Cliff and his De-Bait team have signed onto the zebra mussel affair, so I expect we’re going to have an ad hoc “let’s work together again” meeting around the picnic table as Mark hopes those huge discs of empty carbs will make Diana agreeable. And he is bringing along his backup team. Mark and Diana may need that extra help once the Company Goons from the “Duck Duck Goose” company descend on Lost Forest.

Finally, I can’t help wondering if everybody in the Trailverse prefers cold, soggy pancakes. The box doesn’t look insulated, but I reckon it’s one of those unspoken conventions where we must assume the food always stays hot, and the box includes cutlery, syrup, butter, and a napkin. I like hotcakes, as well, but I like waffles better, because they have those little squares that hold the syrup and butter so you can see and taste them as you shove each piece into your drooling mouth.


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