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Nailed it in one!

Full points to new reader “cellardoor2122” for his prescient comments yesterday on whether Rivera would focus on the link between NFTs, crypto-currency, and environmental pollution, as opposed to a more simplistic plot of Diana simply being hoodwinked. The jury is out on whether Cliff should be razzed for his lax grammar. Still, except for the articulated finger, that’s a pretty good drawing of Cliff in panel 2.

And bonus points (of a sort) to Rivera for making Mark Trail more up-to-date on technical—if arcane—types of environmental problems than just the usual everyday issues he normally fights, such as poachers, animal abductors, and zebra mussels (Surprisingly, Mark doesn’t seem au fait on the zebra mussel). While bitcoin and crypto-mining are illegal in several countries, they are legal everywhere else, including the US. Who knows? Maybe Rivera will establish a link between NFTs and that “Duck Duck Goose” shipping company. And if the NFT business does get linked into the story, will we see the reappearance of the Herp Hacienda Gang? Or Cricket Bro? Was Cricket Protein Powder just a cover story? The mind reels at the possible connections!

Anyway, what is Diana really fretting over:  Her so-called salary issued in the form of digital images or the fact that she finds her friends are part of a controversial boutique investment fad? And who knew Diana had friends?


6 thoughts on “Nailed it in one!

      • I am a “her” too (I’m very okay with “they” as well). I’m female. I sometimes use male avatars as they strike my fancy, like my Lio one at GC now, and I’ve used Sluggo in the past there as well.

      • … and right, I understood that you were referring to my comment. Thus why I said “Thanks for the acknowledgement.” 🙂

        By the way, what’s up with the times for the comments? Is it a European time zone?

      • Also, also, as regards Cliff’s indefinite article problem, maybe he pronounces NFT as “nift,” lol.

  1. Ah, okay, I got it. Female. Sorry for the incorrect assumption. Too many internal/external distractions for me. I think I’ve run across “Sluggo” over there, also. Are you a “Nancy” fan, by chance, or just love the name? I’ve always thought it a cool nickname. But did my friends ever lay it on me when I was growing up? NO! But, too late now. It’ll have to remain George. Or “Mr. Stupendo”….okay, that didn’t work for my wife, either.

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