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Oh, Professor Bee Sharp, he be not too sharp.

Okay, I’m waiting for inspiration ……. still waiting ………… looking for some inspiration here …….. any time now …………………………………………….. DOH! Nothing here, must resort to academic verbiage:

The sequential narrative form, as manifested in this current model, presents the reader with an unorthodox and systematic interpretation of comic strip qua comic strip. All structural tendencies that focus our attention on the absurdist dialog and jejune illustration define a paradigmatic shift underlying—as only the most prevalent and domesticated mental constructs of the last fifty years can—the inherent morality of a discordant environment bereft of any historical and social insigne. Logically, to borrow a mathematical premise that had long ago been found wanting, a complete mental restructuring of heterodox memes as implied in these panels must . . .  

Oof, I can’t go on.

The best take I have today is that I like the face of Cricket Bro in panel 3. It reminds me of the face of “Superduperman”, a parody of “Superman” drawn many decades ago by the late, great Wally Wood for MAD Magazine. I don’t mean a deliberate copying, of course. It’s probable that Rivera has never seen this particular cartoon. I just mean that the face of Cricket Bro, in its pose and expression, shares a similar kind of happy egotistical narcissism with the dude in the blue and red costume.

Otherwise, I got nothing.


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