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Give thanks that you are in a position to give thanks!

I’m not sure if observing only one ship is enough to make a general statement about an entire fleet. Anyway, at least one turkey is going to be able to look back on this Thanksgiving Day. But then, we have been brought up over the decades to eat domesticated, factory-enhanced turkeys; not the wild bunch. I suppose that is necessary to meet demand. Eating a couple hundred million wild turkeys every year would soon see them only on labels of cheap booze.

So, what else do we see here? Mark is primping his hair as he relishes his anonymity. As Rivera implies in her second message box, she is deliberately making Mark once again a victim of his own pride. I don’t know if that means a military-style assault on the house or a subpoena from a federal court to cease and desist. Yet, I still think the jury is out on Cliff’s true role.

As I wrote before, based on some comments, I’m trying to write more concisely. I’ve edited out about 30% of my post, which means my text just might c


2 thoughts on “Give thanks that you are in a position to give thanks!

  1. Thanks for your daily efforts to entertain us. You do a great job. Writing concisely is tough, but the discipline makes you a better thinker and teacher.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Cool, somebody actually poked around here today, besides me! And thanks, Daniel. I appreciate your ongoing participation and comments. It IS tough keeping my blabbering to a minimum.
      Hope you have a memorable day, too.

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