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The Week in Review and the Sunday Nature Chat

Okay, action fans! The simple overview is that Mark, Diana, and Rex arrived at the Tiger Touch Center, presided over by Tess Tigress, who was costumed in a fetching tiger dress. She was flanked by two male assistants in matching tiger shirts and caps. Their Hawaiian inspired greeting was brought down by snarky comments from Diana Daggers. This resulted in Tess banning her from the Center, whereupon a put-upon Mark was left to handle production for Rex’s intended on-location show.
The understory here (according to my team of literary experts after polishing off a case of beer) is that Diana deliberately created and reinforced this confrontation, resulting in the ban. This meant Rex would have to rely on Mark, something Diana wanted. As you might recall (and as Diana reminded Mark in Saturday’s strip), Diana manipulated Amy Lee into getting Mark to take this assignment so that Diana could convince Mark to help save Rex—being filled with self-doubt and lacking confidence—from the clutches of Tess Tigress and her cult. Quite the story, I think. Yeah, I know, I’ve been carping off and on about how this story sometimes seems to dip into Reality Show memes; but we can’t deny that they are part of our contemporary vocabulary, for better or worse.

He! He! Another pun title panel. But what elements make up that title (“Mark Trail”)? Is it what I think it is:  the stuff you bring plastic bags for when you take your dog for a walk?

I’m pretty sure we didn’t buy our house because of our pet(s). Never heard of anybody who bought property primarily to accommodate pets. Well, it could happen, I reckon. I am with Mark when it comes to a yard:  ditch the grass and go with native plantings. Less maintenance, less cost, and less hassle. And I’m 100% with Mark on the value of spiders. If you see a spider (inside or outside), that means there are insects and other bugs lurking around. Leave the arachnids alone to do their job. They’ll leave on their own when the food source dries up.

Oh, and thanks for your valuable contribution today as a lawn ornament, Cherry. You nailed it!

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