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Today’s Twofer

Home chores and new window inserts kept me too busy yesterday, so today is a double-header.

Okay, the story is finally moving along as Tess explains her Touch Center in more detail. (But quit fantasizing about the cub in panel 3!)  And Mark is finally capturing video of activities. That’s some progress, at least. Maybe Tess actually believes this is a valid therapy technique. Or maybe she is a good con. They do seem to be very popular these days.
But Rex hasn’t got a lot to say. Odd, since they are supposedly filming an episode for his show.  Perhaps that is meant to suggest his distracted state. Well, I think this adventure would pace better if Rivera cut down on the gag-a-day format for lame puns. They should be dunked!

At last, an actual crisis to deal with. Suddenly the temperature dropped some 30 degrees as the story takes a walk on the darker side. Mark doesn’t seem to understand what the word “volunteer” means with regard to wages. At the same time, Tess exhibits a quick change from politely flirtatious to accusatorily defensive. We’ve seen that anger suddenly flare up before. Meanwhile, Rex must have forgotten that he is supposed to be filming a show. What we have here is failure to communicate.


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