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Will a rising tide raise all boats? Or even this one?

Artistic license in play, or is the tide rising around Mark’s supposedly grounded boat? Let’s look at the evidence:

The January 14 strip (near right) shows the boat clearly on the beach, with the lapping water and gators around it. The boat is definitely grounded.

But in yesterday’s strip (far right), the water seems to be encroaching on the beach and around the boat. I hope I’m not all wet, but today, the water is clearly all around the craft! Clearly, they may be able to escape by simply waiting for the water to rise some more, whereupon they can then get out without having to get out (of the boat), if you catch my drift.

On the artistic front, Rivera has been pretty consistent in her work of late; perhaps not in the style old-time fans wish for, but at least, not indulging in the odd elongations and extremes that have infiltrated her panels. Rivera has even resumed working in different viewing angles and compositions like she did in her early days. In panel 1 she even uses a gradated fill for the background forest, something she rarely does. But it is night, so the fill takes on the illusion of a foggy background. Unfortunately, the mood is jarringly broken in panel 4, with that bright, sky-blue background. Perhaps that is done to underscore Mark’s positivity?


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