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Blue Highlights?

And Mark, you dog, you cad, you didn’t even notice… that Cherry had changed her hair!  It used to be red!  That has to be the last straw- she goes to the trouble of getting “Mark Trail Blue” highlights and you completely miss it!  Not to mention Rusty- There must’ve bee a two-fer at Wal*Mart on Lady Clairol Ultra Blue, since Rusty seemed to get the same treatment!


I have a terrible sense of Déjà vu, though- of the clip art variety… all these shots of Lost Forest, Mark and Cherry, right down to the condescending thumb on her chin, have been “drawn” before…  except for that that grin on Mark’s face…  Maybe I’ve never noticed it, but it has a certain wolfish quality to it, the way the the corner of his mouth curls up… Watch out Cherry?  or not… oh, let’s not think about what Mark and Cherry do off camera…

3 thoughts on “Blue Highlights?

  1. If you look real closely, you can see Darling has faint blue hair highlights on 7/1&2. Perhaps the biting ant started an environmental scourge that turns human hair blue? Otherwise, I don’t understand why Honey and Darling were inserted in the story line before Carina and Gabe’s abrupt dismissal.

  2. Daniel, well… how do we know everything worked out fine for Gabe and Carina? Maybe there is a reason Mark skipped over the details of the rescue. Maybe when the “kind” border agent (who happens to be El Jefe in his day job) took them back to HQ he had Gabe and Carina “wait in that room down the hall” while Mark went off with the agent to arrange transportation. When Mark returns, a typewritten notes to Mark informs him that his partners decided to quickly shove off and they’ll meet up at another date. Marks fails to hear the muffled cries from the locked room and happily heads home to Lost Forest.

    Just sayin’!

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