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The clouds part and the answers are revealed…

Thanks to Michael Leddy who set me straight with a comment yesterday!  Great Sleuthing!  Mark would be proud!!  Turns out James Allen is active on the Social Media and helping us navigate his story lines, since they certainly can’t navigate themselves!

Abbey comment

So now that we know that this Abbey is our Abbey, we can stop scratching our heads for a moment or two…  but seriously- who could have known that a bikini-hard body lay beneath her government-issued khakis…  Well, this is the James Allen Era, so why not?


Oh take us, little bird, to our prize- a couple of skeletons locked in mortal embrace, with wedding bands still around their left ring fingers…  Why is it I assume that H&D are dead?  I don’t know, wishful thinking?  The fact that we found a skeleton in the old bi-plane (for what turned out to be absolutely no reason) that appeared and disappeared over the course of the weeks…  Sorry to take you all back to the cave-venture, everyone…

As to why Abbey and Honey have the same color bikinis and hats, my only guess is that the colorizing happens off-shore with little supervision, and the team was just as confused as we were concerning who was on the beach, alone, with towel and flask…  and figured it still had to be Honey… who knows…

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