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Oh thank goodness…

Cherry’s got her red highlights back


And Cherry, by that private thought I assume that you are comparing this experience to other vacations like the trip tot he Great Dismal Swamp (BOOOOOM!) or some awful wind-swept and  bug-ridden canoe trip… So with umbrella drink in hand and bikini-ready body on display, Cherry is quite happy to be doing absolutely nothing…

But of course Mark is already bored and wants to go rent a couple of boards!  Why not challenge the famous surf and dangerous rip-tides?

3 thoughts on “Oh thank goodness…

  1. With those well defined, very long legs, Cherry must be a runway model while Mark is away on his adventures. The Golden Mean famously described by Luca Pacioli in 1498 predicts a 1.6 leg to 1 torso ratio, while hers is a whopping 2.7 to 1. If Mark takes a solo paddleboard cruise, thebuff, shirtless conch blower may give Cherry a special tour of the King’s Cottage.

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