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The Ol’ Gun in the Waistband Trick…

I have never owned a handgun, let alone tried to walk around with one jammed into my waistband…  That never looks even remotely comfortable (or feasible in my case…) Not to mention dangerous!  But then the criminal element is given to taking risks, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing the things they are doing!


I say one thing for Baldy, he’s got that “evil squint” thing down…  can he he even see??  And if this isn’t an argument for having security in place upon entering an airport terminal, I don’t know what is!  But it’s still not very obvious what the next move is here… “I want you to rent a car… yea, that’s it… and make it a big one- four doors at least…” I think it’s option 2 from yesterday’s comment (thank you, George)  but with the bad guy telling Mark what to rent.  I guess two charges of kidnapping/ abduction/ unlawful detainer isn’t much worse than one.  Let’s go all in…

Meanwhile Mr. Ponytail is sitting in the plane??

2 thoughts on “The Ol’ Gun in the Waistband Trick…

  1. Hmmm. Do you think Baldy will force Mark buy the insurance on the rental, just to prove his malicious nature?

    Such a move would be doubly cruel in being calculated to likely expand Mark’s black-listing within the insurance industry to the auto insurers (to go along with the marine insurers and aviation insurers)?

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