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OK… Enough with the small talk!!

Let’s get to the car rental counter!  Sort of like the Steve Martin character in Planes, Trains & Automobiles, although I doubt there will be any F-bombs hurled at the agent…


Instead, Mark will continue to be compliant with this stranger’s requests?  Why?  Mark!  Just tell this guy to take a hike- I mean, what’s he going to do?  Squint harder at you?  Try to look even more menacing?  Pull out the gun and shoot you? All highly improbable.  But OK, we’ll go along with it, we’ve got nothing better to do…

One thought on “OK… Enough with the small talk!!

  1. “So, Trail, I don’t suppose you have a credit card, do ya?”
    “Of course I do. It even has a $50,000 credit limit!”
    “No kidding? I ain’t never seen a card with that much credit. Can I take a look at it?”
    “Well, if you insist…Here it is!”
    “Hey, wadda ya know. It even fits right into my pocket. Thanks a lot, Trail. Guess I can get my own car now!”
    “Hey, wait! Are you interested in a discount subscription to ‘Woods & Wildlife’? I get a commission on each referral!”
    “Sure, put me down for one. Well, gotta go. See ya later!”
    “…What a strange man. He never introduced me to his wife. How rude!”

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