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She Speaks!!

Geez, lady, whose side are you on, anyway?? Or are you just going along with Baldy so he won’t plug you?  Or perhaps you have already succumbed to Stockholm Syndrome


But the look on Mark’s face in the second panel!  He’s not used to such negativity!  He’s never had to defend or justify himself to anyone!  That’s what decades of validation and praise will get you… So Mark regains his composure and steels himself against the negative onslaught… but if what you do is what you call “providing for your family” – living rent free in your Father-in-Law’s house- you have a thing or two to learn about “providing…”

2 thoughts on “She Speaks!!

  1. I can’t get past what a strange conversation this is, among an armed kidnapper, his hostage, and a random passenger (Mark) in the public space of an airport terminal.

    It’s just as bizarre as the notion that a kidnapper would drag his hostage along to the airport in the first place rather than stashing her in the trunk of a car or some other hidden location whilst he went about his business of arranging a getaway.

    But maybe this entire illogical scenario derives from Baldy’s inability to form any coherent plan and follow through step by step. Didn’t he just order Mark to take a seat at a corner table when first flashing his gun? Was he distracted from that by the detour into the merits of Mark’s career choice (such as it is) as a writer, which is why we see the trio standing about in a large doorway.?

    Yeesh! Enough with the weird preamble to Mark’s adventure. I’m ready for real action! And ferrets!

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