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Go ahead already!!


“The girl” means about as much to me as that hare getting raptored in panel one…


But what the heck, right?  Mr. Ponytail is still sitting in a plane at the airport?  While Baldy and “the girl” are driving to wherever Mark is going?  I am so confused.  No one ever said crooks are smart, but this guy is a real keeper…

3 thoughts on “Go ahead already!!

  1. So, Trail makes another comment and this goon is going to splatter the girls brains all over the interior of the car. What are the chances this is going to happen?

  2. Perhaps Jame Allen is doing us a favor here, reminding travelers to not get into a vehicle with an armed attacker. Trail should have escalated the conflict at the airport where others were available to help. Allowing the attacker to change the location always helps him, not you.

  3. This is about the stupidest plot line I’ve seen. It makes no sense, whatsoever. Is what Mark said really a “wisecrack”? Sounded like a normal answer. Why is Baldy willing to go to the Middle of NoWhere? Why hasn’t the “girl” said anything? Why is Mark acting like a he’s talking to an acquaintance? Why is this story so totally bollixed?

    I’m going to have to revive my theory that Allen has turned story writing over to a pre-adolescent. After all, he’s turned much of his art duties over to a photocopy machine. And what’s with that revolver? Perhaps it is an optical illusion, but it sure looks like it was made out of modelling clay and painted gray. Even the barrel seems to be bend just at the barrel’s front sight.

    What next? The car breaks down in the middle of the desert and they have no supplies?

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