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If there’s one thing not needed in this picture…

…it’s Mark.  If the whole point of this was to procure a get-away car/truck/SUV, that’s been accomplished.  Why Baldy hasn’t ice-ice-babied Mark or at least left him stranded at this point is a wonder to me…  Not to mention that Mark could ID the guy in his sleep by now.  Mark is a definite liability here.


Oh look, see the Big Horn Sheep!  For some reason come down from the elevations where one would normally find them…  Guessing they are very close to sea level at this point… but hey, what do I know??  Rapid City is at 3,200 ft!  But still I think these animals typically frolic at 6-8,000 ft based on my own expeditionary experience…

An airstrip huh? And Mr. Ponytail is in a plane?  Will he find his way out here?  Who knows… who cares??

3 thoughts on “If there’s one thing not needed in this picture…

  1. I know! I know! I know!
    Mark plans to bore Baldy to death with his unending, condescending prattle. After another five days of comic strip time with Mark even Baldy will go mad, jump out of the car, and run off into the desert, where he’ll die by snakebite or dehydration.

  2. OK, George . . . So that might provide a bit of excitement if we go with the snakebite rather than the dehydration option. But how does your scenario resolve the open questions of what happens to our African lion huntress, Lee Hunter, or globe-trotting revenge-seeking villain, Dirty Dyer? And how does Mark explain to Cherry the attractive, if sarcastic, blonde girl left alone with him in an SUV the lonesome badlands?

    I”m afraid you’ll have to do just a wee bit better than that if you want to play in the big leagues of comic strip storyline creation.

    It’s not so easy, is it?

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