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And the Travelogue Continues…

The bleached mount on the roadside about says it all at this point…


And Mark’s constant prattling has managed to put Baldy to sleep and Blondie to affect her one and only “look.”  Sort of like Derek Zoolander…  who found he had but one look… but it was killer.

3 thoughts on “And the Travelogue Continues…

  1. With Baldy’s gun at their backs, it is nice to see Mark and Blondey are “Safety First” with their seat belts on. Since Baldy is not wearing his, perhaps Mark will crash the SUV to get rid of him?

  2. This nerdish dialogue once again proves how bland Mark’s personality is as he again morphs into Fred MacMurray.
    Passengers, Blondie,Sharon Stone and Baldy, Mr. Clean are clearly peeved.

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