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Some Richy Rich Guy?

So that just goes to show you that rich guys don’t always have the best ideas…


So now it’s a ghost-strip to go along with the ghost-town… again, where is this going??  Nowhere fast, that’s for sure…

2 thoughts on “Some Richy Rich Guy?

  1. so much for Mark getting the lead out as espoused by Baldy over a week ago. This car ride has to have lasted over an hour by now and the informative chit chat continues…

  2. Noticed that Allen doesn’t even bother to draw classic zip lines (“hites”) to indicate the car’s momentum. Allen insists upon making nearly every strip a showcase (or focus) for some kind of animal. Therefore, this scene (and the prior ones) looks less like a car moving than like a static image of a car for a tv commercial.

    Or maybe they just pulled over to watch the wildlife parade. So what the hell kind of map does Baldy have that marks an unfinished, private airstrip?

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