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What?  Only three H’s??


And if it wasn’t for Mark, who is back to verbalizing everything, we wouldn’t even know what was happening here…  At least the ponytail has gone back to hair-color again.  That was really bugging me…  And what must still be going through this guy’s head right about now?  “Why did I ever listen to that Bald headed son-of-a-bitch?!”  “Why didn’t I listen to my mother and finish high school?”  or “Damn that United Airlinesthis close to tenure and they drop me like a hot rock, forcing me to take up a life of crime…”


  1. I’m not sure if I should be thinking of Slim Pickins as Maj. King Kong in Dr. Strangelove, or Howard Dean after the 2004 Iowa caucuses. Either way, this strip is strangely emotive.

    Since I have yet to see the death or significant maiming of a single evil character, I suspect Mr. Ponytail will end up landing upon a convenient haystack and having just a slight limp whenever the FBI (belatedly) sweeps into town following the storm to round up the baddies and take them off Sheriff Stober’s hands. .

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