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Weeeee! Look at ‘im go!

‘Chute ripped from his harness, Pilot McPonytail hurtles across the sky like a cruise missile, while the three amigos simply watch slack-jawed and gob-smacked.


I suppose that the last week or two worth of installments represents mere seconds in actual time, but I am still wondering why the hell Baldy isn’t in cuffs, knocked cold or subdued in some way… He’s still the bad guy and still has fight left in him.


As for today’s installment, I grow increasingly confident that Mr. Allen is drawing inspiration from your comments!  Why Just the other day Richard Bryant, Esq. predicted that Pilot McPonytail would land in a “convenient haystack…” and voilà! it is so!

And of course Mark is immediately on the scene, inquiring after his welfare… as the pilot-turned-projectile miraculously survived being tossed through a wall at terminal g-force velocity, able to raise a crooked hand as if to indicate that any spinal cord injury is in the lumbar and not the cervical region…

One thought on “Weeeee! Look at ‘im go!

  1. Ah, Allen lets another good opportunity for a violent death go wanting, as a parachute failure during a so-called tornado (where the hell is it, anyway) gets treated as the equivalent of slipping on a banana peel.

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