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Yup, you keep an eye on the Bald Guy…

…and make sure you keep your gun barrel pointed up at the sky… that’s the best way to catch as much rain as possible…  and I guess that Baldy doesn’t realize that the gun jammed, so is still treating it and the Sheriff with respect…


But Mark… moving the injured?  He said his back hurts.  But apparently not so much that he can’t walk.  What a wuss…  falls from the sky and crashes through a barn wall only to be led to safety by his captors…

And the Tornado, which has been kept at bay for the last week’s worth of minutes (if you know what I mean) suddenly reappears and begins to bear down on the crippled cohort…

2 thoughts on “Yup, you keep an eye on the Bald Guy…

  1. James Allen, if you are following this excellent blog, you have once again exceeded my generous willingness to suspend disbelief for fiction. Just like the 1000 lumen bioluminescence in the bat cave and the 10 horsepower ocean-going dinghy reaching the remote volcano island, having the ponytailed pilot survive a 1000-foot fall, through a barn roof is just too much to swallow. If you are doing it to test my limits, you have reached them.

  2. Dennis, I think you hit the high spots in today’s sequence. By the way, where’s the pistol? And speaking of which, where are Wild Bill and Calamity Jane? Making out in the saloon, perhaps?

    Maybe Mark and The Sheriff should worry more about a house falling down on them, because I don’t think they’re in Kansas—er, South Dakota—any more.

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