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Do you think the artist is sick of drawing rain drops?

Probably, but not a sick as we are of looking at them…  Remember the remake of the movie Godzilla starring Matthew Broderick?  Singing in the rain?  Remember how it never stopped raining that entire movie?  I never realized that until it was over…  very dark.


Speaking of dark, that’s where you are heading, sweetheart.  No question that you were in on this whole thing.  What?  Did you get a romantic urge to play a latter day Bonnie Parker?  Not like Baldy ever approached the charm of a Clyde Barrow

So now they are all going to go to the Bank to hole up in the caves and wait out the storm, never mind that they have been adversaries for months now… that there may be a hard feeling or two connected to this… But no, not in the Trailverse, apparently.  No one stays mad, no one dies, people fall out of the sky and land on a haystack.  REdemption is always around the next corner…  Why, I am sure that all the bad people had rotten childhoods without the requisite support network.  No one starts out bad… they just get that way for lack of love!  Baldy doesn’t need prison… he needs a stretch on a couch, talking to a professional, creating strategies to break the cycle of generational thievery!

2 thoughts on “Do you think the artist is sick of drawing rain drops?

  1. So where are now: Some 3 days of Trailverse time stretched out over about 7 months of published strips (if we start counting on April 5, the day the newspaper printed the strip of Mark arriving at the airport). Is this kind of a antithesis of the tv series “24”, where 7 months of action got packed into what is supposed to be a single 24-hour day? And, somehow, this day seems to continue and continue, as if time, itself, has been twisted by the tornado.

  2. George – Three days? Hasn’t this all taken place on a single day? I don’t recall any depiction of the inevitable awkwardness over sleeping arrangements between Mark and Blondie since the hijack at the car rental.counter. And didn’t the group set out immediately upon reaching the ranch? So it has to be the same day, no?

    But perhaps my own sense of time is a bit distorted . . .

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