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I think the elephant gets the joke!

Work for Peanuts!  HA-HAW!  That is such a creepy laugh!!


Even from a distance one can see the look on Genie’s face… As if to say, WTF?  What did I do or who did I piss off to deserve this lot in life…  Riding an elephant being driven by a lunatic?

Good thing they came upon the elephants- no way their Land Rover could have forded that river!!

Meanwhile, Mark’s entire lower body appears to have disappeared inside the elephant’s neck.  He’s becoming one with Nature!  Ahhhhh!


One thought on “I think the elephant gets the joke!

  1. I’m a bit surprised at the smallness of their gear. Is this going to be some kind of simple weekender? But Dr. Moreau, er, Dr. Camel, also hired sherpas, which sounds like a climb up some rather high mountains along the Himalayan range. Are we to expect that specialized climbing gear and clothing are in those flimsy-looking suitcases and boxes?

    However, since the Yeti is supposedly at home, high up in the Himalayas, we have to assume Mark did his homework with regard to clothing and climbing gear. Yet the good doctor did not seem to care enough to actually check it. Hope they remembered to bring oxygen bottles!

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