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A little Graduate Assistance??

With The Fraud off returning Elephants, Mark has the opportunity to interrogate Genie…


10 years, huh?  Hard to distinguish age in the Trailverse… Mark seems to be stuck somewhere in his early thirties… and I suppose so is Genie.  Which puts her in one of Dr. Camel’s classes, sort of like Professor Indiana Jones and his admiring throng...



One thought on “A little Graduate Assistance??

  1. Agreed. It is really difficult to distinguish age in comics, esp. in Mark Trail, without the artist resorting to stereotype imagery and props. Then again, Genie’s 3/4 rear profile sure looks like that of a 40-something woman.

    But let’s face the fact that aging in the Real World has been undergoing dramatic changes, as well. She could just be one of those well-preserved persons you see on the street every now and then. So, Mark better take care what he secretly admits to Genie.

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